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Legacy INI Configuration

The Vantage Point Server supports a legacy INI format, that is similar to the eDrive INI format.  In most cases, you will not need to use this format, as any configuration possible in the Legacy INI format is also possible directly through the Vantage Point Server window, and is generally much easier to understand.

If you are trying to convert an eDrive config file to work with Vantage Point, you may want to create a file called FAS_PointConfigFile.ini and place it in the Server Configuration folder. This file tells the Vantage Point Server what devices are connected to your network and what data points you want to retrieve information from.

This Legacy INI format, while similar to an eDrive config file, may require some adjustments before it will work properly.  This chapter explains the unique specifications of the Vantage Point Legacy INI format.

If you make any changes to the configuration through the Vantage Point Server, the resulting configuration will be saved in the new format, and the FAS_PointConfigFile.ini will be renamed (but unchanged) to FAS_PointConfigFile.ini.obsolete

The configuration file utilizes a mix of pseudo-XML for containers and space-delimiting for values. The number of spaces between values does not matter but there must be at least one space between.

There are 3 main sections to the configuration file, for more information click on one of the following links:
Read the articles for each one of these sections for specific information a section. Each section provides code snippets and we have also included an entire sample file .

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