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Configuration Files

The Vantage Point Server requires some configuration before it can actually be used as a data source for your Vantage Point Presentations.  To understand the configuration of the Vantage Point Server, you need to understand some of the basics.


Connections (often referred to as CommPorts) provide a means of communicating to your devices.  All of the devices we support can be connected to through the local network they are on.  This means that every device must have an IP Address, and an IP Port.  However, it is possible for certain devices to share the same IP Address and IP Port.  To represent this, and to avoid repetition in the configuration, we allow you to configure a connection once, and share it between multiple devices. 


Each point must come from a real sensor, such as a thermostat, pressure sensor, pressure gauge, etc.  Your building consolidates the data from these sensors in special control devices, such as Andover, BACnet, and Modbus controllers.  The Vantage Point Server communicates directly with these devices in order to get the current value and status of each point.  Each device must be configured differently, according to its type.


The end goal of a the Vantage Point Server is to provide a list of individual data values to the Presentation.  These data values are referred to as data-points, or just points.  The Vantage Point Server must not only store the current value of these points, but also the past history values of each point.

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